Tips for redesigning the interior of an Old Building

Restoring an Old Building

  • Before restoring or designing the interior of an old building you should spend as much time as possible looking at the building shape and materials used.
  • Textures should be felt and scents explored.
  • Visit the house at different times of the day to see the effect of the passage of sunlight as well as the mood of the weather.
  • Noise levels should also be checked, an example of this being outside traffic with single glazed windows or wooden floors on different levels may need to have floor rugs incorporated into the design.
  • It is very important to design and restore the house sympathetically taking into consideration its original purpose balanced with its new owners living style.
  • The dignity of an old house should never be compromised.

Restoring an Old Building

Notes to keep in mind when redesigning an old house are:

  • What materials and techniques were used originally this should be taken into consideration when choosing things for example like cement or lime mortar for repair work due to the effect cement mortar can have on an old building.
  • Also try not to replace old wooden framed windows with plastic or aluminium ones as these are totally out of character with the original building.

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