Enrich and enhance a boxy square room

  • Square boxy rooms can be made more interesting by incorporating different decorative additions to the room, these can range from dado rails, picture rails, coving to mouldings.
  • Room shape can also be altered by using different colours and textures above and below dado rail or above picture rail onto ceiling. In saying this colour must be very carefully chosen so as not to enhance the boxy feeling of the room.
  • Furniture and soft furnishings can be used to soften edges of room, and to create depth and perspective.
  • Fabric can be attached to the ceiling, creating a canopied tent effect.
  • Furniture can also be moved to softer circular positions, as can units, which can be fitted into corners to take away a hard angular look.
  • Most importantly the size and the use of the room should be always take into consideration.
  • Doors can also be used to open up one room to another. Arches above doors or between areas can soften the room as too can bay windows. Split level floors and columns can also be used.

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