The best way of bringing the outdoors in, is through the addition of a conservatory, if this is not possible, then creating a featured area encompassing a picture window, patio or sliding doors that connect you directly with the garden outside, will also work.

A good way of visually connecting a house with a conservatory is through the use of some structural or decorative features. Similar flooring is a good way of connecting the two areas as is continuing window treatments through out the living and conservatory area.

Connecting an Interior Space to the Outdoors

This will work internally while externally reproducing any decorative embellishments from the house onto the conservatory will also work.

Connecting an Interior Space to the Outdoors

Filling these areas with potted plants, flowers and natural textured soft furnishing will also create a relaxed and thoughtful experience.

Also keeping in mind to allow as much natural daylight in as is possible, this not only connects us to the outside but will enhance our feeling of wellbeing.

The more we can bring the outside indoors the better we will enjoy a connected feeling of happiness and relaxation to life.

Connecting an Interior Space to the Outdoors

If you do not have a garden, plants can be introduced indoors through the use of hanging baskets, window boxes, potted plants of various sizes can be used on tables, to soften room corners and to create height and depth in featured areas.

In apartments, balconies, roof lights and windows that frame views again can be accentuated to feature the outdoor space.

Connecting an Interior Space to the Outdoors

Deciding on what materials to use in a garden room, whether it is a balcony, conservatory, or patio areas will depend on how much you would want to link it to your indoor area.

Creating a room outside – Gazebo

A gazebo is a small room traditionally used for relaxation and to experience quietness. The word gazebo means to gaze and is usually situated in a part of a garden with the most beautiful view. Gazebos are generally made from rustic twisted branches, stone, brick, wood or metal and can reflect any style the owner has an affiliation to; this does not have to be in keeping with the style of the house.

Connecting an Interior Space to the Outdoors

A tea house cum reading retreat can be decorated according to the individual’s tastes; this can encompass anything from mosaics to displaying the owner’s hobbies or interests to natural objects reflecting the local area. A tea room should be light, airy, attractive and relaxing.

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