This particular time of year reminds me of the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced) “hoo-ga”. The word itself has exploded in popularity in recent years, in particular with the release of quite a few books on the subject.

Tips to add Hygge to our homes

But what is Hygge exactly? The word comes from the Norwegian word for wellbeing, but encompasses so much more, as detailed in many articles and posts, it is all about how you feel, and was never really meant to be translated, Hygge is designed to be felt.

Tips to add Hygge to our homes

Hygge is about slowing down, taking time, observing the small detail and being present in it. Creating and embracing the ritual in our lives, from making tea in your favourite cup, to spending time with friends and family, sitting by a cosy fire with your dog. Hygge focuses on the detail, the cosy warm socks, turning your home into a nest that offers comfort and warmth during the grey dull winter months. Lighting candles to add a warm glow to a room and filling it with cinnamon & fresh linen scents.

Tips to add Hygge to our homes

So how do we add Hygge to our homes? Design is in the detail

Tips to add Hygge to our homesCherish the little aspects to your home; add cosy cushions and wool blankets to a sofa to create a nest effect for lingering on as you read a favourite book.

Light candles, lots and lots of candles

Keep colours harmonious, calm muted colours, adding textures with the carpets, cushions for depth.

Keep areas simple, minimalist, avoiding too much clutter and focusing on the detail.

Create a snug area for sitting and thinking.

Light a fire, invite friends and family for the evening.

Most of all it is about embracing your happiness and creating a cosy safe environment, pictures of family and friends displayed on a feature wall, favourite prints or paintings to evoke happy memories.

Tips to add Hygge to our homes

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